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At EIGI we offer the quality personal insurance products that add peace of mind and security to your life. Our professional insurance counselors will guide you through the maze of insurance offerings to help you choice the products that make sense for you.

We begin by reviewing your current situation to uncover any risk you may face. Then we analyze your current insurance coverage and make recommendations to provide the correct coverages.



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10 Tips for Safer Driving



Ten Tips for Safer Driving

  1. Maintain a Safe Distance
    The faster a car is traveling, the greater the distance it needs to stop.
    A distance of one car length per every 10mph is simply not enough.
  1. Avoid Backing Up
    Drivers can’t see out their rearview mirror any closer than 50ft. behind the car, so backing up should be avoided whenever possible.

  2. Nine and Three, Not Ten and Two
    Airbags deploy at a rate of 250 mph. When not properly positioned, the airbags can turn hands into projectiles that cause additional injury.
  1. Seatbelts for All Occupants
    Even if you’re not in a crash, seatbelts keep passengers in their seats so they don’t impair the driver’s ability to control the car.
  1. Seatbelts for Control
    Seatbelts anchor the driver in the seat so the steering wheel is used for control only— not for driver restraint.
  1. Watch Further Down the Road
    Keeping an eye on the road two or three seconds ahead allows for longer reaction time and fewer sudden stops.
  1. Know Your Brakes
    Proper braking techniques vary, depending on weather or not the car has Anti-lock Brakes. Never operate a vehicle if you don’t know the braking system and how to use it effectively.
  1. Brake First, Swerve Second
    Braking before swerving increases traction on the front wheels, providing greater control of the vehicle. It also prevents SUV roll-overs.
  1. SUV’s and AWD’s Do Not Equal Safety and Control
    SUV’s and AWD vehicles offer some advantages, but not safety advantages. SUV’s are more difficult to control and tend to roll over.
  1. Drive Alert
    Avoid driving when tired. A person driving on four hours of sleep or lesspossesses the equivalent driving skills of a legally drunk driver.

These tips have been brought to you by EIG Insurance and In Control, an advanced driver training program. To visit In Control please CLICK HERE.